About me


I’m the managing editor at Newspaper Toolbox and the founder of Crackerjack Content, a B2B content marketing magazine (scheduled to go live in 2019).

I like rainy days, hot sauce and reading bedtime stories to my five-year-old.

My most badass talent is parallel parking in the snow. I’m also really good at words and ideation.

Some people say I look like Renée Zellweger. I don’t see it.



I started penning short stories and poems when I was only 10 and eventually earned an undergraduate degree in creative writing from Vancouver Island University. 

I began writing professionally in 2010 and have grown into a versatile craftswoman with many competencies.


Some things I’m pretty good at

I’m a nifty person. Here are a handful of the things I’m good at and like doing :

  • Writing digital content (web pages, blog posts, e-books, landing pages, etc.)
  • Content strategy—from ideation to implementation
  • Content marketing (SEO, social media, blogging, newsletters, etc.)
  • Writing headlines that get noticed (and clicked)
  • Hiring, coaching and training writers
  • Developing style guides, content calendars and social media calendars
  • Combining big picture thinking with attending to the details

But I’m a work in progress

Some ways in which  I’d like to continue to develop include:

  • Getting better at curating and creating visual elements
  • Improving my ability to speak, read and write in French
  • Developing courses and training for writers and business owners who want to write better


Want to find out how I stack up in black and white? Curious to learn more about the craft of writing? Visit and follow my blog, The Writing Routine